The Fieldstone Multiplier

What is the Fieldstone Multiplier?

The Fieldstone team draws upon decades of financial, operational and managerial expertise in a broad range of industries, as well as upon its established network of capital sources, in order to deliver a uniquely tailored range of solutions for its clients.  We call this the Fieldstone Multiplier.

How is Fieldstone Partners unique in this respect?

Larger firms often focus on the solution “du jour,” which may not adequately respond to the situation. Fieldstone only accepts a limited number of projects, either as an advisor or principal, which allows the firm to provide its clients with the highest quality of service and advice. We focus on establishing dedicated, long-term corporate and financing relationships with our clients, including some that have spanned over 35 years, partnering with our clients to develop comprehensive, original and highly effective solutions. As an example, we have been a pioneer in innovative recapitalization transactions, in which an owner/manager can gain significant liquidity and expansion capital in a tax efficient manner while not having to pursue a total company sale.

What can one expect when dealing with Fieldstone Partners?

Too often, management teams think within the constraints of their current situation without realizing the value that their corporate platform might offer if moved to a larger scale.  The Fieldstone team likes to ask the question, “What could your company become if it had 2X to 3X more cash for expansion capital, either for internal growth or growth by acquisition?”  In addition to finance, our team is keenly focused on operations management; we aim to provide comprehensive and differentiated guidance and counsel to help clients successfully grow their companies to achieve their maximum potential.

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