Our Philosophy

Over the years, Fieldstone Partners has helped dozens of clients establish and grow their companies in industries ranging from offshore oilfield services to biosciences to satellite services. Our team understands the challenges involved in creating and building a company, as well as the requirement for deep industry insight and intense effort from both the entrepreneur and the advisor. We work closely with our entrepreneur clients and partners to ensure that they use and manage their capital effectively and achieve a high standard of excellence in operations and management. This effort sets the stage for profitable, consistent and rapid growth.

Fieldstone’s entrepreneur clients have enthusiastically endorsed the firm’s services by becoming repeat clients as they seek to expand their companies’ platforms. We have successfully helped clients grow their companies from start-up enterprises to established, sizeable and profitable businesses. Much like our clients, we are not afraid to dream big.

Fieldstone has also provided unmatched guidance in addressing its clients’ long-term exit strategies, including the management of their companies’ sales processes or recapitalizations. These experiences enable our firm to provide invaluable insight and advice to our clients throughout the lifecycle of their companies, helping them to effectively achieve their long-term company and individual financial goals.

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