Alzeca Biosciences, Inc.

Fieldstone Partners is active in a broad range of non-profit support activities.  Beginning in 2010, Fieldstone and its principals began raising non-profit support for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (CAF), a Boston-based foundation focused on “venture philanthropy” grants for potential transformational technologies that might lead to a cure or mitigant for Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Over the past three years, Fieldstone has helped encourage increased AD research in Houston, working with CAF, the Nantz National Alzheimer’s Center at Methodist Hospital and the regional office of the Alzheimer’s Association.  In 2010, Fieldstone helped raise non-profit funding with CAF for researchers at UT Health Science and the University of Houston, focused on advanced technologies for potential in-vivo MR and CT imaging of amyloid plaques in the brain.  This imaging is intended to provide enhanced resolution relative to PET imaging, with the potential to better diagnose the risk, the onset and the progression of AD over time.  The imaging should also help in the fine tuning of advanced AD therapeutics, some of which may be developed by Alzeca.

In order to increase the potential funding available for this technology, Fieldstone helped the research team form Alzeca Biosciences, LLC in 2011, a Houston-based company focused on advanced imaging and treatment technologies for neurological diseases, with an initial focus on AD.  Alzeca has thus far raised over $1 million in research funding, through a mix of equity capital and various research grants, with a goal of expanding that significantly over the next several years, as additional research and development milestones are reached.  Fieldstone is a co-founder of and a minority investor in Alzeca.

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